March 28, 2014

The woodland flowers are trying their level best to prove that Spring really is here. Note the lingering effects of the hard freeze on the top of this little “purple’s” leaves.  She must have poked her head through the ground while the harsh winter was still in full rage. The classic sign of spring in the eastern U.S.A. is the return of the American Robin.  … Continue reading March 28, 2014

March 26, 2014 – Birds, Flowers and Snow

Stone Bunny says, “Well, if its going to snow, I would like to be with the snowdrops.” Snow it did – a quick bluster of large flakes.  Fitting, with the cold weather.  Spring is here….we think….we hope….we dream.  C’mon Spring!  You can do it!!!!! Over at the stump the cardinals show some good bird sense.  They haven’t detected enough honest spring weather to vacate the … Continue reading March 26, 2014 – Birds, Flowers and Snow

March 25, 2014

Little White Crocus was hiding under some leaves.  She appreciated the comfy cover through the hard winter months but boy o’ boy does she prefer the sunshine.  A little sun on Sunday morning and she leaps to bloom. With more sun through the day, she opens her bloom and basks… showing off her pretty little petals and her gorgeous yellow guts…. Nearby some daffodils and … Continue reading March 25, 2014

Vernal Equinox – 2014

Sound the trumpets and open the gates.  Spring is here.  The Race is on! The astronomers, geographers and physicists can all agree with the gardeners.  The moment is at hand.  Strike this notion of spring creep – the often observed effect that the weather feels like spring well before the equinox.  Not this year.  Oh no!  Winter occupied its entire season, but the weather finally … Continue reading Vernal Equinox – 2014

March 7, 2014

Mary would like everyone to join her in a fond farewell to Winter. It has been a fabulous Winter with scenes like this and this But it is time to move on.  Every living creature in the garden must surely agree on that by now. We have experienced one more – one final, we hope! – week of cold weather.  The snowdrops must have been … Continue reading March 7, 2014