March 7, 2014

Mary would like everyone to join her in a fond farewell to Winter.


It has been a fabulous Winter with scenes like thisDSC00147

and thisDSC00032

But it is time to move on.  Every living creature in the garden must surely agree on that by now.

We have experienced one more – one final, we hope! – week of cold weather.  The snowdrops must have been the only members of the garden community who enjoyed the week.DSC08350

But Ol’ Man Winter just can’t hang on.  By Tuesday evening his slackening grip was obvious in the valley with the dusting of snow from saturday remaining only on northern slopes as the sunshine penetrated the cold air, warming the ground around the snow.DSC08402

By Thursday evening, after a warm afternoon, the old snowpack had retreated to the shade, shown here tucked in on the northern side of the yuccas.???????????????????????????????

Temperatures are expected to soar into the high 40s today.  Daylight savings time commences on Sunday and we are headed into the new season.

Farewell Winter.

Farewell to Henry’s Snowman. Here he was in early January


Here he was on TuesdayDSC08364

Here he was on ThursdayDSC08598

Onward toward Spring!