Gnome, what are you doing in there?     Me? Oh, I’m enjoying myself. Enjoying myself immensely! I have the pleasure to be in Gourdtopia.  GOURDTOPIA? Whaddya talk? Gourdtopia? Yes. Gourdtopia.  It is a magical land behind Mary’s Garden, growing up against the playhouse.  Wow! That’s Cool! Has it always been there? Oh no. It has never been here. It is not an ancient place. It is … Continue reading Gourdtopia

Night Bloomer

In Jim’s Garden, there lurks a curious flower. A beautiful, fascinating, slightly odd, super wonderful flower. It lurks in the back of Mary’s Garden.  Back behind the jungle scene….  Tucked in behind the gloriosa daisy and sunflowers…  Way back, one the edge of Gourdtopia…  Blending in…  It stands tall in the afternoon sun… And looks like it might just be dying.  But it is not … Continue reading Night Bloomer

Stone Bunny and the Bastille Day Garden

Stone Bunny can’t come out and play right now. She’s hurt!  That stupid, clutzy, fool-headed, doink-wad Referee stepped on her and broke her ear.  Yeah him!  The one the humans call Jim. He was trying to take a picture.  This picture of some pretty purple and white phlox…  He was focused on getting the perfect angle and he wasn’t paying any attention to her.  All … Continue reading Stone Bunny and the Bastille Day Garden

Stone Bunny and the Independence Day Garden

Stone Bunny and her friends had a great weekend. They spent the holiday weekend engaged in a tremendous conversation about colors. Specifically … RED  WHITE  and BLUE  It all got started on Friday, the Fourth of July. Stone Bunny doesn’t pay much attention to human affairs but she knows enough to aware of Independence Day. Oh yes! She has heard all about freedom and self-government. … Continue reading Stone Bunny and the Independence Day Garden

Jimbo’s Buffet

Who’s hungry? Gee whiz.  It’s a long holiday weekend and everyone is hungry. No need to cook for the family.  Come on down to Jimbo’s Buffet. We’ve done the cookin’ and we’re ready for your hungry tummy. There’s plenty to choose from and more than enough for everyone. At Jimbo’s, your full belly is our goal. We don’t care if you sit up straight and … Continue reading Jimbo’s Buffet