The Good Life

THIS is the Good Life!  Yeah Buddy!  I could hang out here all day. And I mean hang….  This is JUST PERFECT.  YIKES! Somebody’s watching.  OOOHHH NOOOOO!  He’ll show my belly on the internet!  I just know it. I gotta split… Gaarrrumpphh. Urrrrrggggghhhh. There we go.  I gotta think this through…. I know what I’ll do.  I’ll turn around… Pretend like I’m leaving…  Then pull a … Continue reading The Good Life

The Independence Day Dash – Security

Greetings race fans. In accordance with the rules of the post-9/11 world, we must inform you of our security protocol. For this, we introduce the Director of Security at Jim’s Garden, Ms. Little Kitty. “Thank you.” Says Little Kitty “The rules are simple – Don’t Screw Up!” “I am watching you.” “Even if you can’t see me, I am watching you.” “Even when I appear … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – Security