March 26, 2014 – Deer

Brass Frog may be wary of the birds, but he rather likes the deer.???????????????????????????????

So alert and eager.???????????????????????????????

And willing to work for their dinner.???????????????????????????????

Frog can’t help it.  He thinks they are cute.???????????????????????????????

And expressive.  Just look at this girl lick her chops after munching on some tasty cuttings of privet hedge.???????????????????????????????

Frog will concede that they aren’t all that smart.  It doesn’t take much savvy to know that presenting a profile like this to a human is NOT a great idea.???????????????????????????????

Meanwhile, Mama worries about her girl getting too close to the house, but she does wonder just how tasty those privet cuttings really are.???????????????????????????????

Sister wonders about that too.???????????????????????????????

Of course, eating isn’t everything.  Sometimes we must pause to scratch an itch.???????????????????????????????

And say “I love you.”???????????????????????????????

Before wandering off as a happy herd.???????????????????????????????

4 thoughts on “March 26, 2014 – Deer

    1. Merci, Christiane! Le cerf, ils sont un troupeau heureux. En été, ils mangent nos fleurs, mais ils sont amusants à regarder.

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