The Good Life

THIS is the Good Life!  TheGoodLife_01

Yeah Buddy!  I could hang out here all day. TheGoodLife_02

And I mean hang….  TheGoodLife_02a.JPG

This is JUST PERFECT.  TheGoodLife_03


Somebody’s watching. 

OOOHHH NOOOOO!  He’ll show my belly on the internet!  I just know it.

I gotta split…TheGoodLife_06


Urrrrrggggghhhh. TheGoodLife_08

There we go.  TheGoodLife_09

I gotta think this through….TheGoodLife_10

I know what I’ll do.  I’ll turn around…TheGoodLife_11

Pretend like I’m leaving…  TheGoodLife_12

Then pull a little fake job,  TheGoodLife_13

Flip back around,  TheGoodLife_14

And get right back to the good stuff.

But I’ll go down the other way…TheGoodLife_15

Yessir, that’s it. 

Now they won’t be able to see my belly PLUS my belly will be in the sun. 

OH YEAH!  TheGoodLife_16

This the tricky part….TheGoodLife_17

And this is the Good Life.TheGoodLife_18

Mmmmmm… Livin’.  TheGoodLife_19

How I love livin’ the Good Life.TheGoodLife_20