The Good Life

THIS is the Good Life!  Yeah Buddy!  I could hang out here all day. And I mean hang….  This is JUST PERFECT.  YIKES! Somebody’s watching.  OOOHHH NOOOOO!  He’ll show my belly on the internet!  I just know it. I gotta split… Gaarrrumpphh. Urrrrrggggghhhh. There we go.  I gotta think this through…. I know what I’ll do.  I’ll turn around… Pretend like I’m leaving…  Then pull a … Continue reading The Good Life

Santa’s Workshop

Wow-wee, it sure is busy in Santa’s Workshop nowadays. Once we get past the Winter Solstice, Big Santa gets everybody going. List-Checker Santa is double checking. When he thinks of all those girls and boys who sent him letters, it makes him so glad. “Ho Ho Ho! I love checking the list!” Down in the loading zone, the Packer Santas are working up a sweat. … Continue reading Santa’s Workshop

The Dog Days Derby

Jenny looks at her friends with an expression of utter disbelief. “Oh My God!” She says. “I can’t believe I missed it.” “You missed it?” Asks her friend Julie, incredulously. “She missed it.” Deadpans Jane. Jenny looks from one face to the other and grimaces, the right side of her mouth curling, lending her a pained expression. “So.” She says, “I gotta know. Just tell … Continue reading The Dog Days Derby

The Independence Day Dash – The Race

It’s finally time to race. The parties are over, the hype is blown out, and the betting windows are closing. The flowers are in the gate. CHACONG! They are off. We are underway here at the Independence Day Dash. Bee Balm establishes herself in the lead. Gloriosa Daisy is caught in the pack. C’mon Gloriosa. This is a DASH, dude! There is no time to … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – The Race

The Independence Day Dash – Traditions

Welcome back to the Independence Day Dash. Things are heating up here in the gardens. The fans have arrived and everyone is briefed on the security protocol. Now, before we start racing, we should check in on the fun. Here at the Independence Day Dash we love to celebrate traditions. You know how it is – events like this are always steeped in tradition. The … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – Traditions

The Independence Day Dash – Security

Greetings race fans. In accordance with the rules of the post-9/11 world, we must inform you of our security protocol. For this, we introduce the Director of Security at Jim’s Garden, Ms. Little Kitty. “Thank you.” Says Little Kitty “The rules are simple – Don’t Screw Up!” “I am watching you.” “Even if you can’t see me, I am watching you.” “Even when I appear … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – Security

The Independence Day Dash – The Fans

Welcome back, race fans. Here we are at the Independence Day Dash. The fans are flying in from all over. As with all great sporting events, this race could never happen without the fans. It looks like Gloriosa Daisy is pretty popular with the Painted Lady Butterflies. And Forget-Me-Not appears to have caught the attention of the Cabbage Whites. Bumblebee, always the savvy gambler, is … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – The Fans