If I Were a Butterfly

Retro post alert! As Autumn barrels towards Winter and the flowers put on their final pre-frost display, I’m remembering my favorite moment of gardening this summer. Back when the Stump Garden looked like this: Sunday morning, June 28th, Firefox and I were in the garden when she – ever alert – notices a few new butterflies. Then a few more. Then a whole flock. Capturing … Continue reading If I Were a Butterfly


A lucky guy goes on a trip To exotic scenes, his mind may flip But lucky for him, though he got to roam This lucky guy got to come home. And luckier still, it is truly the case That his lucky home is a wonderful place But luckiest of all, he loves to weed For the gardens right now, that’s what they need. It is … Continue reading Home

One For the Road

One for the road, please.  Delicious!  How about another?  Autumn is here.  The trees are changing.  I must be going.  It is time to fly south.  Time to fly to Mexico.   Perhaps just one more.  It is an exceedingly long flight, you know.  More than 2,000 miles in a straight line.  But whoever flies in a straight line?  Not me!  I bet I log 10,000 … Continue reading One For the Road

Jimbo’s Buffet

Who’s hungry? Gee whiz.  It’s a long holiday weekend and everyone is hungry. No need to cook for the family.  Come on down to Jimbo’s Buffet. We’ve done the cookin’ and we’re ready for your hungry tummy. There’s plenty to choose from and more than enough for everyone. At Jimbo’s, your full belly is our goal. We don’t care if you sit up straight and … Continue reading Jimbo’s Buffet