Hello.  It’s Jim.  I would like to introduce you to my best friend.  Firefox! Yes, that’s a poppy.   But if you would take a short flight of fancy with me, perhaps you can imagine my best friend in that picture.  Beautiful and elegant.  Seemingly simple yet quite complex.  That’s her.  She’s shares the world with me. We’re in it together, Firefox and me.  She’s my … Continue reading Firefox

Nasturtiums and Nasturtia

The nasturtium.   Such a pretty flower.  Such a pretty name.  But what to say where there are two?  Good question. I have been puzzling on this for a while.  That ‘…ium’  sure sounds latin to me. Let’s check. Referring to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Fifth Addition, copyright 1942, the word comes from latin, based on the words nasus (nose) + torquere (twist). “Nose-twist, in allusion to … Continue reading Nasturtiums and Nasturtia


Surprise!   It’s Surprise Lilly time in Indiana.  Some people call them Naked Ladies.  Others call them Ressurrection Lillies. Technocrats call them Lycoris Squamigera, a member of the amaryllis family.  I call them tricky. They come up early in the spring in the form of lush green foliage.  Here they are back in early April, standing tall over the young shoots of Trout Lillies and Daylillies:  … Continue reading Surprise!