The Good Life

THIS is the Good Life!  Yeah Buddy!  I could hang out here all day. And I mean hang….  This is JUST PERFECT.  YIKES! Somebody’s watching.  OOOHHH NOOOOO!  He’ll show my belly on the internet!  I just know it. I gotta split… Gaarrrumpphh. Urrrrrggggghhhh. There we go.  I gotta think this through…. I know what I’ll do.  I’ll turn around… Pretend like I’m leaving…  Then pull a … Continue reading The Good Life

Boys in Bright Red

Look over the land with a naked eye The Boys in Bright Red are easy to spy A colorful band, They light up the land. They light the up trees, they light up the sky. But if the Boys look ever so great, They hardly compare to their beautiful mate. The song she can sing, Her beautiful wing. Those Boys are lucky, blessed by their … Continue reading Boys in Bright Red