March 26, 2014 – Birds, Flowers and Snow

Stone Bunny says, “Well, if its going to snow, I would like to be with the snowdrops.”???????????????????????????????

Snow it did – a quick bluster of large flakes.  Fitting, with the cold weather.  Spring is here….we think….we hope….we dream.  C’mon Spring!  You can do it!!!!!DSC01618

Over at the stump the cardinals show some good bird sense.  They haven’t detected enough honest spring weather to vacate the easy feeding grounds. ???????????????????????????????

Brass Frog would like to know who had the bright idea to put him on the stump.  Oh, he understands that it is an excellent place for a rain gauge (which he is) but he is quite wary of all these darn birds.???????????????????????????????

Fair enough.  This lovely lady is wary of him too.???????????????????????????????

The males aren’t worried about Frog.  They just like to eat.???????????????????????????????