March 25, 2014

Little White Crocus was hiding under some leaves.  She appreciated the comfy cover through the hard winter months but boy o’ boy does she prefer the sunshine.  A little sun on Sunday morning and she leaps to bloom.???????????????????????????????


With more sun through the day, she opens her bloom and basks…??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

showing off her pretty little petals and her gorgeous yellow guts….??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Nearby some daffodils and a fuzzy little root perennial take advantage of the sun. Mind you, we are talking about sun – not warmth.  The air temperature barely broke freezing on Sunday but the garden community is not waiting for warmth this year.  Sun and their own internal tickers are driving the spring explosion so far.  Good thing, as the warm spring air has yet to take hold.???????????????????????????????

Just above the rocks, this little Cranesbill Geranium waves a few leaves in a cheerful greeting.  She is immensely pleased to have survived the harsh winter, feeling secure in the increased sunshine.???????????????????????????????

And of course the Tulips think of Spring as, well – you know – “The season of the Tulip.”???????????????????????????????

This fungi has been clinging to an old log, overlooking the whole scene.  It had a great run, but it supposes its time is past for now.  The garden plants think that will be fine.DSC00861

Gnome would like you to take a moment to appreciate the fine qualities of Clover.  Poor little Clover, so often treated as a weed.  Not here!  Clover has a special place in our garden.  Gnome thinks the hairy stems are particularly cool.DSC01328


And finally a quick view of the Surprise Lillies, AKA Resurrection Lillies, AKA Naked Ladies.  They will soak up the energy of the sun through the spring then disappear.  Round about mid-August their delicate pink blooms will appear, seemingly out of nowhere, strangely incongruous with the season.  A spring flower amidst heat and humidity during the dog days of summer.  For now, they are all greenery.???????????????????????????????