Vernal Equinox – 2014

Sound the trumpets and open the gates.  Spring is here.  The Race is on!


The astronomers, geographers and physicists can all agree with the gardeners.  The moment is at hand.  ???????????????????????????????

Strike this notion of spring creep – the often observed effect that the weather feels like spring well before the equinox.  Not this year.  Oh no!  Winter occupied its entire season, but the weather finally shifts along with the calendar.???????????????????????????????

We have “purples” in bloom, as seen above.

We have daffodils poking through the dry leaves…


and reaching for the heavens….???????????????????????????????

We have some marvelous specimen with shades of red….???????????????????????????????

We have greenery of the wispy variety….???????????????????????????????

And greenery of the fuzzy variety……???????????????????????????????

And greenery of numerous other varieties.

And we have snowdrops…..140320-09

Yes, we have lots and lots of snowdrops…..140320-10





And Stone Puppy would like you to know that he is on the job, performing his part, taking care of some tender little tulips.???????????????????????????????

Here’s to wishing you a wonderful day and a mighty fine spring!