March 28, 2014

The woodland flowers are trying their level best to prove that Spring really is here.DSC03281DSC03307

Note the lingering effects of the hard freeze on the top of this little “purple’s” leaves.  She must have poked her head through the ground while the harsh winter was still in full rage.???????????????????????????????

The classic sign of spring in the eastern U.S.A. is the return of the American Robin.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In a fine display of the transition from “later winter” to “early spring” the robin forages amidst snowdrops in the valley.???????????????????????????????

All the while, the tulips strive towards putting on their beautiful blooms.  No hurry Tulip.  We can wait.  You look great today!???????????????????????????????



Old Grandaddy Phlox thinks it is time to wake up and stretch.???????????????????????????????

The snowdrops begin to show some fatigue in their blooms.  They’ve had an excellent year but soon they must yield the floor to other dancers.DSC02921

Oh, how Stone Bunny will miss them….???????????????????????????????

Little White Crocus will yield the floor pretty soon too.  She’s not afraid to come on early, yet she just doesn’t have the staying power of the snowdrops. Unlike Snowdrop, however, Crocus has cousins who will come along and keep the dance swinging – we hope!???????????????????????????????

And finally, this juvenile male cardinal stands tall, pleased to have survived his first winter.  Hopefully he will stick around for years to come, growing into a nice, fat, bright red??????????????????????????????? Big Boy.