April 1, 2014

The old dreaded murder of crows..???????????????????????????????.
Seriously. That is the proper term for a grouping of crows – “murder of crows” like “gaggle of geese” or ” herd of deer.” The problem is, these probably aren’t crows. Maybe this a bunch of buzzards????????????????????????????????

I confess, I don’t know.  ???????????????????????????????

Carrion eaters, they must surely be.  Exactly what species of bird they are remains a mystery at this particular moment.???????????????????????????????

They swirled by on Sunday.  They did not stop, nor do they come by often.  We have a few buzzards who live here most of the time, providing endless entertainment, if you happen to like an ever-present black kite.  These do not appear to be the same bird.  This lot lived here briefly a few years ago and they were, frankly, awful!  They spent way too much time way too close to the house.  Rather intimidating neighbors, really, being large, fearless and numerous.  They are fun to watch briefly, but it is best that they swirled on through.???????????????????????????????

Swirl, they do….DSC03887

Though they don’t all swirl in the same direction…???????????????????????????????

So long as they don’t stop swirling and decide to live in our trees.  Please!???????????????????????????????


2 thoughts on “April 1, 2014

    1. Perhaps. The “buzzards” who hang around the yard are often called turkey vultures. I like them. Having them around is like having a few kites flying all day. The birds I show on this post looked different – a smaller head it appeared and flying with their wings straight out rather than the distinct “V” with which our normal gang of buzzards support themselves. Of course, that could just be how they were riding the breeze. I’ll have to take a close-up of the birds I know and compare. Maybe in the future I should know what I’m talking about before posting, but that attitude would muzzle me forever. Thanks for the input. Also of note, these birds were just passing through. They were not lurking around due to the presence of some delicious dead cat upon which to feast.

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