April 2, 2014

Please, step away from the garden.  Don your safety glasses and cover your ears.  She’s gonna blow.  A little rain, a little warm and KABOOM!

At last, we have a rich cycle of plants emerging, blooming and fading, with an emphasis on emerging.

We have little bitty spring flowers coming out of their little bitty shells…???????????????????????????????


We have woodland flowers coming out of the forest floor.  Here are some Virginia Bluebells pretending to be some kind of exotic purple cabbage.???????????????????????????????

And Bloodroot subtly showing itself among the leaves of the forest floor.???????????????????????????????

With Purples continuing their quest for world domination.???????????????????????????????



In the garden, some flowers are just about to bloom, like these Daffodils.???????????????????????????????

Others are in full bloom, like these White Crocus (sisters to the two specimens featured last week.)???????????????????????????????

One hillside blends new blooms and old blooms.DSC04698 ???????????????????????????????

Speaking of old blooms, check out the green markings on the white bloom of Snowdrop, prominently displayed in this picture.  This feature only seems to appear as the blooms mature and the little seed pod forms above.???????????????????????????????

And, of course, we have birds.  We always have birds!  Here are a couple of downy woodpeckers dancing around the trunk of a maple tree.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

And, can you believe it?  The groundhog got caught on camera Tuesday evening.  Oh, he’s a wily fellow.  Shy and wily!  But he got caught in the wide open this time….???????????????????????????????












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