April 4, 2014


KABOOM, part 1.  Ample moisture in the form of heavy thunderstorms and lingering fog,Foggy Scene

Encourages the spring wildflowers to continue their emergence from the forest floor.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Dutchman’s Breeches struggles past some sticks in one spot while it stands up and stretches in another.Dutchman's Breeches Sticks ???????????????????????????????

Trillium emerge and begin to uncurl on the edge of the yard.Trout Lilly

Bloodroot is already achieving little blooms.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Look carefully and check out the partially exposed bloody root of this prehistoric beast….???????????????????????????????

Virginia Bluebell only showed up a few days ago but she is already hard at work as a member of the larger ecosystem, holding the valley together in the face of runoff from the thunderstorms.Virginia Bluebell in water

Purple continues its quest for world domination.???????????????????????????????

Its going pretty well so far….???????????????????????????????

But Purple proves she is not afraid to play with others, as shown here with some of her friends.???????????????????????????????

Closer to the house, Stone Bunny regrets to inform you that the thunderstorms hammered on the blooms of the gold medal specimen of Snowdrop.???????????????????????????????

The storms whooped on White Crocus as well, but cousin Purple Crocus seems to be enjoying the evening.???????????????????????????????

Have a wonderful day.  We’ll check back in on the scene as KABOOM, part 2 (warmth and sun) unfolds over the next few days.