April 8, 2014 – In The Woods

Bloodroot is queen of the scene in the woods of early April…


???????????????????????????????Virginia Bluebells and Blue Cohosh are doing pretty well too.???????????????????????????????Trillium is quickly coming to bloom.DSC07228Trout Lillies are having a ball.

???????????????????????????????The Trout Lillies have managed to occupy a hillside this spring, shown here with Surprise Lillies above.

???????????????????????????????Purples think that ‘occupy a hillside’ idea is the way to be.???????????????????????????????Of course, Purples think that occupying any square inch of viable soil is a good idea.  Here is a picture of Bloodroot and Purple coexisting in a tough environment amidst rocks, sticks and dense, wet leaves.

DSC07207And here are Bloodroot and Purple coexisting amidst trees and the natural forest floor.



















2 thoughts on “April 8, 2014 – In The Woods

    1. No scent that I could detect – not even with my snout stuck right down amidst ’em. The books say they are not edible so I don’t eat them. Apparently bloodroot has several medicinal uses. It strikes me as they put all their energy into those beautiful blooms and way cool leaves. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day. I hope spring comes to you soon up in the frozen north. Jim

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