April 8, 2014 – In the Garden

Froggy reports some excellent rain…???????????????????????????????

2.4 inches (6 cm) Thursday through Friday with another inch (2.5 cm) on Monday.  He happily reports a nice weekend between.

Crocus love a nice weekend between rains.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So does this little flower, whoever it might be.


So does the grass, including the ubiquitous decorative grass we affectionately call Aunt Setta Grass, AKA Heavy Artillery.  No clue about the real name.  It is very aggressive, ever present and has always been known as Aunt Setta Grass around here.

??????????????????????????????? Alas, not every plant enjoyed the weekend.  Oregano was moved in whole – forced to yield his prime spot in the Sandbox Garden.  He didn’t like it.  At least, he doesn’t look like he liked it.  He said goodbye to the garden by presenting the meanest, toughest, bad-ass look he could muster.

???????????????????????????????Yarrow can breathe now, with the bully gone from the neighborhood. In celebration, he temporarily bares his roots, if not his soul.

??????????????????????????????? Oregano’s consolation was knowing that he wasn’t the only plant displaced over the weekend, as plenty of Aunt Setta Grass and Phlox got booted as well.

??????????????????????????????? The birds aren’t worried about all that plant drama.  They never are.  They are way too busy singing their hearts out, pleasing their mates, enjoying the glory of the spring weather.  As the rain returns on Monday, this male cardinal takes a break, seeking shelter in a big bush with little leaves.

???????????????????????????????This little chickadee busily flits around the same bush as the rains increase.??????????????????????????????? Finally, a scene which captures this moment in the garden nicely.  A vibrant yellow crocus with a fading snowdrop.





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