Stone Bunny and the Bastille Day Garden

Stone Bunny can’t come out and play right now.

She’s hurt!  ???????????????????????????????

That stupid, clutzy, fool-headed, doink-wad Referee stepped on her and broke her ear.  Yeah him!  The one the humans call Jim.

He was trying to take a picture.  This picture of some pretty purple and white phlox…  ???????????????????????????????

He was focused on getting the perfect angle and he wasn’t paying any attention to her.  All the garden critters were screaming at him, but he can’t hear them so his big, ridiculous, clutzy, ought-to-be-in-jail foot stepped right on her.

Now she has a sling on her head.  ???????????????????????????????

Stone Puppy and Stone Turtle are worried sick!  ???????????????????????????????

Bunny would like to rant and rave and tell you what she really thinks of that sorry excuse for a gardener who stepped on her, but she is not going to.  She has something much more exciting to share.

When she was on the table being repaired she looked over towards Mary and say the most amazing sight.  RED, WHITE and BLUE all growing together.  ???????????????????????????????

Wow!  She could hardly believe it.  Remember how last week she and her gang tried so hard to find a patriotic vision to celebrate the American Independence?  Well, here it is a week later.  The difference this week is, of course, that the white phlox is blooming and it goes very nicely with the red bee balm and blue spiderwort. ???????????????????????????????

Stone Bunny was about to say something obvious like “Better late than never,” but Mary didn’t miss a beat.

Mary said “Oh how wonderful.  Just in time for Bastille Day.”???????????????????????????????

Bunny forgot all about her broken ear and squeaked “Of course!  Bastille Day.  Le Quatorze Juillet!”

Mary was pleased that Bunny was so quick to appreciate that the French flag has the same colors and the American flag.  They didn’t have to feel like they were a week late at all.  The garden was putting on a show for Bastille Day.

Obviously that made Stone Bunny feel much better.  She was feeling quite satisfied when good became better.  The Referee (she will continue to refrain from telling you what she really thinks of HIM) turned her and she saw ANOTHER vision of red, white and blue.???????????????????????????????

Down in the stump garden the blue cornflower…  ???????????????????????????????

is blooming with the white shasta daisy…  ???????????????????????????????

and the other patch of red bee balm.SB_BD011

Hah!  Bunny was overjoyed.

Granted, it was a bit of a vision of red, white, blue, pink and yellow.  But Bunny hears that the French aren’t afraid to celebrate diversity along with independence, so she thought it was pretty awesome.

What’s even better, Bunny noticed some lingering poppies growing amidst the diverse garden.  ???????????????????????????????

Bunny has heard that the people in France are quite proud of their poppies.  ???????????????????????????????

Well, Stone Bunny thought it couldn’t get any better.  She was in a good mood and she was almost, kinda-sorta, maybe willing to forgive the Referee as he carried her into the house (so she wouldn’t be out in the rain while she healed) when she glanced over towards the zinnias….SB_BD016

and saw one last vision of those three awesome colors together.   ???????????????????????????????

Of course Bunny realizes that you have to use a little imagination to envision the French flag, or American flag for that matter, in a picture of a butterfly on a zinnia, but the colors are there and she figures Hey!  If you don’t have a vivid imagination, you ought not be reading stories about the lives and times of stone garden critters anyhow.

Now Bunny is inside recuperating.  She has forgiven the Referee and she would most sincerely like to wish Christiane, Kristel, Francisca, Parisienne and all of her other French readers a happy and safe Bastille Day.  Bonne journee!


44 thoughts on “Stone Bunny and the Bastille Day Garden

  1. Oh, poor Stone Bunny! Get well soon, little critter. At least there are some beautiful red, white, blue and diverse flowers to enjoy while you recuperate. Happy Bastille Day!

    1. Stone Bunny thanks you and I thank you. Plenty of flowers to enjoy in this rich season. Have a great day Grower. By the way, that 25 foot square is similar to the space I will have to dedicate to edibles next year. Keep posting, I’m watching and learning. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cat. Bunny thanks you too. Theoretically she was better when the glue dried. I haven’t yet checked whether it held but this is surely a challenge we can meet. 🙂

    1. Alas, if only her little stone feelings weren’t hurt. Thanks. Have a wonderful day Theresa. 🙂

  2. Quelle bienveillance vis à vis des français. Et quelle bienveillance vis à vis de votre lapin quelque peu blessé. J’espère que le bandage et le rajout de mortier fera l’affaire 🙂 Prendre soin du jardin, des sculptures et des blogeurs, c’est un art dans lequel vous excellez!!! Merci :-)(et désolée de n’avoir pas eu autant de sollicitude lors du 4 juillet 😦

    1. Christiane, mon ami, J’écris pour …. 🙂 pas pour ….. 😦 J’espère que vous aimez mes ‘posts’ sans regret. ‘Mon lapin un peu blessé’ – la langue française est belle et intéressante pour moi. Merci pour vos encouragements. J’aime l’occasion de correspondre. 🙂 Voir…. 🙂

      1. I really like your posts. But my english is not very good, but it’s good for me to write in english(sometimes) J’aime votre jardin et votre façon de le présenter, j’aime aussi les petites touches d’humour. Je suis infirmière, du coup, votre façon de soigner le lapin m’a fait sourire 😉 Have a good day

        1. Thanks Christiane. I’m having a good day! I’m glad you like the posts. I try to make them entertaining. Maybe occasionally informative, but mostly I seek to entertain. Please, respond in whichever language you like. French or English, that is. I’m not conversant in any other languages. And by the way, I do not converse with anyone else in French, so you present me my chance to practice, which I obviously need. I’m getting better, I hope. Your English comes off quite well, actually. Mon lapin. J’espère qu’elle se sent mieux. Elle avait besoin d’une infirmière. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like it and so is Stone Bunny. Hmmmm. A ribbon. She could become quite stylish, you know.

    1. Bunny is on the mend. Thank you for your concern. Ol’ Gardener Jim is well versed in the fine art of being mortified at the results of his general klutziness. He’s had a lifetime of practice. 🙂

  3. I love this story, Jim. Glad Stone Bunny is recovering. Love your blue, red, and white flowers. The last one is stunning!

    1. Thanks Amy. I try to write stories based on what is really happening in the garden at the time I’m writing them and this one presented itself nicely. I’m glad you like it. And yes, that zinnia is looking great. Have an excellent day. 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie. Stone Bunny would agree with your admonition that I should watch out for her. But you know, sometimes….. 🙂 Hope the weather is better in your garden today. 🙂

  4. Stone bunnies can be so delicate. They have a fragile psyche and obviously an equally fragile body. My stone bunny lost has tail in a very similar episode. Fortunately it was reattached in a very successful operation and continues to entertain the wild bunnies who live under the blackberry bushes at the end of our garden.

    1. That is very encouraging. Hopefully my little operation will hold through the cold weather. We have quite a bit of wildlife around here, but not so many wild rabbits. Guess I better keep the stone version intact. Cheers. Have a great day. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Definitely a she. Too bad for her that she doesn’t live in your garden as I have the strongest feeling that if she did, she would be the recipient of a lovely act of yarn bombing and come out of this ever so much more stylish. 🙂 Though perhaps you might have had the grace and decency to not step on her in the first place. Here, a little glue and she goes right back into the fray! Thanks for reading. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

    1. Maybe if I had been gardening, my klutzy act would have been excusable. But No! I was photographing. Got the shot, though. 🙂 Thanks! I hope your day is cheerful and productive.

  5. Happy Bastille Day to everyone. Most especially Stone Bunny. I can’t believe she forgave you and your big, clunking foot, Jim. She must have a soft heart! Beautiful garden pix, by the way. glad you got your colours together, too.

    1. Well, you see Cynthia. Stone Bunny lives in my garden and she understands that she must accept me just the way I am, big clunking foot and all. Isn’t she sweet? Stone Bunny with a soft heart. What a way to think of it! Yes, the colors came around. No more blue, you might note. Just some well placed white. Cheers. 🙂

      1. Okay dokes.

        Now, do you plant annuals? One of my readers is suffering from begonia mildew-wilt. Not her — her begonias. Even been through this with begonias?

        1. I am not familiar with this affliction. Glad it is her flowers, not her. This year my annuals are mostly in the form of wildflowers from seed. Not so much on the traditional flats of begonias, petunias and such.

    1. Thank you very much. It is a blessing. As a photographer, you would appreciate that one of the most interesting features of living in and photographing this garden is watching how the light plays throughout the day. With the angle of the sun and the position of the trees, there is always some new, curious illumination going on. It is fun! Cheers. Have a great day. 🙂

  6. Delightful story woven through gorgeous garden pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure while drinking my morning coffee. Thanks Jim. Have a great day. – Sharon

    1. Thank again Sharon. It is my genuine pleasure to share with people who enjoy it. I’m really glad you do. And hey! I write the posts while I drink my morning coffee…..

  7. Hi Jim – I tried to leave you a comment from my blogspot garden blog but wordpress went into a tizzy so I suspect my messages may be in your spam. At any rate this is an enchanting post! Love your photos, your garden, Stone Bunny AND your wonderful writing! Here’s my ‘other’ blog address if you’d like to see my garden. (PS I feel for the Ref – being a klutz myself!)

  8. Hi Jim – I’ve been trying to leave you a comment but for some reason wordpress is in a knot because I wanted to sign in with my blogspot (garden) address. I love your Bunny, your garden, your photos AND your sparkling writing! Here is my ‘other’ blog if you’d like to see my garden! One more thing – I am sympathetic tooward the Ref – being a bit of a klutz myself!

    1. Hi Barbara. Glad you got through. The first comment showed up in my email but did not show up on the blog. I am not yet a student of the mysteries of WordPress and am not familiar with any other social media platforms. Never touch Facebook! I’ve been to your site. I see that we take a similar approach to gardening. Great! It’s nice to see that similar gardeners are out there. And thank you for appreciating my story. It is more fun and most encouraging to know that a few people like them. Stone Bunny and her friends appreciate your support! 🙂

  9. I loved the trauma treatment! Beautiful bergamot photos. Thanks for stopping by my photos; it seems we share a similar enjoyment of the natural world.

    1. Thanks. It is a fun thing to enjoy, the natural world. I see on your blog you are a ‘displaced homesteader’ in the city, plotting your return. I wish you haste and success on that. Have a great day. 🙂

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