February 28, 2014

Its been a long, cold winter.  The thaw we talked about last week was short lived.  The beautiful snow was shredded then temps plummeted yet again.  The rootin’ tootin’ Weather Channel has yet to show promise in the 10 day forecast.  We are experiencing a bona fide Minnesota winter here in central Indiana!

So where is the bright spot?  Lets check into the west side.  Here it is a couple weeks ago.DSC06142

Here it is Thursday evening.DSC08079

The “pampas grass” (Cortaderia) did not fare well under the heavy snow.DSC08084

But the “maiden grass” (Miscanthus) generally bounced back.  This specimen is doing particularly well.???????????????????????????????

Being eternal optimists, we will accept that as a genuine bright spot for today.

Meanwhile, Snowdrop bears with the cold, promising blooms but insisting on a little smile from Mother Nature before she puts on her full display.???????????????????????????????

And the woodland flowers halt in a state of suspended animation, ready to leap forth just as soon as the air warms a little.???????????????????????????????