The Prettiest Day of the Year

This is the story of a perfectly beautiful day. Tuesday morning, May 6, 2014, to be precise.  In west central Indiana, USA.  Near the 40th parallel of latitude.It was nice here Tuesday morning.  Really nice.  Gorgeous!  Oh, its been beautiful all week.   But Tuesday morning…..   mmmmmm.  Warm and sunny with a slight cool breeze. The trees coming into leaf before our very eyes. No finer … Continue reading The Prettiest Day of the Year

February 4, 2014

Another view from Sunday: Moving on to Monday evening.  The little creek is usually a dry bed, running water only after rain.  It freezes only when a substantial rainfall yields to immediate cold.  That condition occurred Saturday into Sunday and voila!  The creek is full and frozen: This little lady looks alarmed: She spooks and runs into the ethereal light of the woods, tail flashing: … Continue reading February 4, 2014

January 12, 2014

The thaw progresses quickly. Temperatures into the 40s today as the snow recedes before our very eyes. The garden critters are not meeting in Council today. They are just cruising around with the Referee, checking things out. Well, they themselves aren’t cruising around. Not the statues. Thats crazy. Their little spirits are cruising around with him. Who knows how it happens? Must be a wireless … Continue reading January 12, 2014