January 9, 2014

Here we are – In Jim’s Garden.

How about a few pictures of a couple of acres in Indiana?

The garden changes so through the year. Observe:

Today. A foot of snow on the ground. Coming out of the deep freeze, we are beginning to melt. Such a fine thing – melting. Almost as much fun as freezing. It was 15 below on Monday – 30 above today. The garden barely noticed the cold, protected as it was by the snow. It will notice the thaw.

Henry’s snowman enjoys the weather.


And he enjoys an excellent view of the barn.


The valley is blanketed in snow today.


And – though she hides behind her blanket of snow – here is Mary, with her sweet little piece of earth. (Granted, you can’t really see Mary, but she’s here. We can’t see the perennials either, now can we?) Have faith!