January 25, 2014

The extreme cold is pushed out by a warm front on Friday evening.  A chilly sunset…

DSC07080Yields to an inch of fresh snow and warmer temperatures on Saturday.  As the old hymn says, “the morning breaks eternal, bright and fair.”

DSC07431Dog tracks, deer tracks and human tracks show off the fresh snow on the driveway.DSC07359Swirling snow in the morning sun.

DSC07367The noon sun.

DSC07444An interesting feature of the grounds today is the effect of the bending shadows of the trees defining the lay of the land.  Please excuse the contrary, leaning cherry tree on the left which always insists on confusing the matter.???????????????????????????????This effect is particularly notable in the front valley where the shadows cross the small, frozen creek.

DSC07511Meanwhile, our little friend the tufted titmouse showed up for a snack.

DSC07283aAnd the good ol’ white breasted nuthatch came around too.  The nuthatch was a regular here while the big poplar tree was still vertical, walking up, down, sideways and all around as only the nuthatch can do. Alas, the tree had to go down.  It lies across the valley now and the nuthatch is seldom seen.

???????????????????????????????Who made these tracks?  A dusting of snow on the porch exposes a visit to the front door.