Hunting butterflies


Working out in the yard and there it was, a Monarch butterfly.


Dash to the house for the camera!


Not on the tree, it has moved to the flowers.


There it is!

Quiet watching pays off as it moves…


from one to another. Feasting on fresh zinnias as it goes.


What a treat it was to “catch” this butterfly as there are so few Monarchs around this summer.

Plan for next year?

Plant milkweed!

All best,


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12 thoughts on “Hunting butterflies

    1. Thanks. My lady’s post about our gardens. We have had many swallowtails in the garden this year and quite the crop of little white cabbage butterflies but very few monarchs. Curiously, though, I have seen quite a few monarchs while out working in the countryside. So they are there but their numbers are limited.

    1. Will do. I’m quite familiar with milkweed and make a real point not to mow it on another property we are responsible for. I am not familiar with butterfly weed. OK, I just looked it up. Yes, sir. I will plants some of that too. 🙂

  1. Zinnias are my favorite flower. Add a monarch butterfly to the shot and you’ve got some gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing!

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