May 21, 2014 – Stone Bunny and Rhododendron

Stone Bunny is sitting atop a rock today so she can have a nice view of Rhododendron.StoneBunny140520Over there with her friend Spirea???????????????????????????????Stone Bunny is so proud of Rhododendron today.

She is so prettyRhododendron140520aAnd vibrant.Rhododendron140520bYes, Stone Bunny is quite pleased today.

You see, Bunny was worried about Rhododendron.  We had a hard winter and no other member of the garden community had to experience the long, cold winter quite like Rhododendron.  Stone Bunny knows that this fine bush would rather live somewhere like the Smoky Mountains, where it is warmer and mistier and the soil is better.  But Rhododendron lives in Indiana.  Unlike other Indiana bushes, though, Rhododendron doesn’t go to sleep for the winter.  She stays awake and addresses each and every day for what it is.

Stone Bunny remembers.  Here was Rhododendron in early January.Rhododendron140118Looking rough, but she shook off the cold and bounced back just a few days later.Rhododendron140119Then it really snowed.Rhododendron140201But she shook that off too.Rhododendron140126Stone Bunny remembers that Rhododendron did great in January.

Then the winter really set in.  February was cold and hard.???????????????????????????????The Deer came to eat her. Rhododendron140203Stone Bunny didn’t like that.  She was mad at the deer for eating poor Rhododendron.  They don’t even like the taste of Rhododendron.

Stone Bunny didn’t mind the Cardinals resting on her.Rhododendron140209But Bunny was worried when the ice cameRhododendron140217Followed by more snow.Rhododendron140217bRhododendron had a hard time recovering from that one.Rhododendron140220Then it became really cold.

By early March, poor old Rhododendron was just trying to survive, dreaming of the Smoky Mountains. Rhododendron140305But Stone Bunny smiles as she remembers, because Rhododendron proved herself to be a real trooper.

Just a couple weeks later she perked right back up.  A little chewed up on the edges.  Leaves looking rough, but she survived.  Rhododendron140314OK, so a few branches were dead, but mostly she survived.Rhododendron140401And not only did she survive, but by early May she was ready to bloom.Rhododendron140510Granted, some leaves still showed signs of the hard winter and less-than-ideal soil conditions.Rhododendron140510aBut Rhododendron didn’t care and neither did Bunny and neither did Mary, because it was time to bloom.Rhododendron140516fAnd bloom she does.Rhododendron140520cRhododendron140520bRhododendron140520eShe is even putting on new growth for next year.Rhododendron140520Yes.  Stone Bunny is pleased.  Rhododendron survived another winter and blooms yet again.

17 thoughts on “May 21, 2014 – Stone Bunny and Rhododendron

    1. Thanks Amy. The deer and birds loved having you, I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks for the pictures of the blooms and parade on your post yesterday. Have another great day traveling.

    1. Great. Thanks. See you soon. I bet Stone Bunny is already looking forward to your next visit. 🙂

  1. Nice tale with a happy ending for your rhododendron. We have winter die-back on our rhodies, too, but it’s too soon to know whether we’ll have a happy ending. Love your Then and Now photos.

    1. Thank you Annie. I see on your blog that you are southerners starting over in New England. New Hampshire, I gather. Best wishes. I expect you will quickly learn which members of the garden community can handle the winter and not. And I’m just going to take a wild stab and guess that you have spent the last two months wondering what happened to SPRING. Why so sluggish, eh? Hope you rhodies make it. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Cynthia. Alas, you are so far from the Smoky Mountains up there in far Canada. Our rhododendron wonder why we think they are polar bears. They should understand that if they weren’t so darn pretty when they bloom, we might let them grow where they like it. But pretty they are and grow them we do. I hope yours come back and thrive. If they can just put on a little new growth…..

  2. Beautiful photos along with a fascinating story!. I really like it! She’s really tough! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And she’s proved it that she’s the tough one!

    No wonder you are doing great today. 🙂

    1. Thanks Inge. I’m really glad you liked it. Yes, old Rhododendron is tough and she’s doing great today. Me too. I hope you are too. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

    1. Yes, we – my lovely lady and I – tend the gardens. It’s effort, but it is our passion. I don’t play golf. I don’t fish. I garden. And I love it! Weeding is one of my favorite activities, strange as that may sound. Thanks. Cheers! 🙂

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