May 5, 2014 – Fruit Blossoms and Robin Eggs

A lovely spring weekend…DSC02334Encourages the fruit blossoms to open and enjoy the weather.

AppleDSC02381 ??????????????????????????????? Cherry??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????PearDSC02429??????????????????????????????? And Strawberry?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Meanwhile, this adorable robin???????????????????????????????And her friendly mate???????????????????????????????Decided to build a nest in our barn, where she sits, watching us come and go

DSC02508while she encourages her pretty eggs to produce pretty robins.  The little birds will hatch here, learn to fly here and grow strong here.  They will leave us in the fall, wintering far to the south, but will always return home in the spring.???????????????????????????????Oh yes, and the goldfinches???????????????????????????????Would like you to know that the feeder is their domain at this time.

Other birds should probably just stay away, thank you very much!???????????????????????????????

17 thoughts on “May 5, 2014 – Fruit Blossoms and Robin Eggs

  1. The goldfiches came back this weekend and have also taken over our bird feeder 🙂

    1. How very interesting that your goldfinches “came back.”. They must be migratory. I think of ours as residential – they are around during the winter, though not as brightly colored. You have a more severe winter in northern Minnesota I know but here in central Indiana we experience a very real winter too. Hope our goldfinches don’t fly north for the summer. 🙂

    1. Thanks. The fruit producers bloomed in unison this weekend. I’m looking forward to a fresh cherry pie already.

  2. Le printemps est bien installé à ce que je vois… Magnifiques photos, simples, pures et qui font du bien 🙂 Merci et belle journée !

    1. Merci. Et une bonne journée à vous aussi. C’est une tres belle journée ici et je suis dans mon jardin avec les oiseaux et les fleurs. Je ne demande rien de plus! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh, I sure hope not. This is the first time the robins have made their nest in the barn, as we only built the barn last fall. (And we didn’t exactly build it to be a bird sanctuary!) So far they have been the friendliest two birds I’ve ever known. Even before I noticed their nest, I noticed how much they seemed to hang around the back yard, apparently not intimidated by humans. While I can understand why they might, I hope they don’t turn on me after the eggs are hatched. That will be a problem, as the nest is directly above the area where I hang shovels and rakes. Hmmmm. I prefer to keep the garden drama between the plants and statues. Not between the birds and humans. Dive bomb? Yikes. They have some mighty beaks. (But I have some mighty shovels!)

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