April 29, 2014 – Bluebell Valley

We have achieved peak bloom in the valley.???????????????????????????????Lets just call it Bluebell Valley!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Bees are enjoying the delicious feast.???????????????????????????????A goldfinch looks on from above.???????????????????????????????A good dog stands guard at the head of the valley.DSC01434And the Virginia Bluebells have their moment!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

16 thoughts on “April 29, 2014 – Bluebell Valley

    1. Thanks! It is an amazing place. The main reason I started the blog is to share this awesome place with folks who might find it interesting. I thank YOU for coming around and checking it out! Have a great day.

      1. Haha, hopefully I’ll be able to see these sights myself one day. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  1. That was lovely Jim. I adore your canine Guardian. Whilst enjoying your gorgeous photographs I learnt something as well, we had a little yellow bird in the garden, no idea what it was called, now I know! Thank you x

    1. You are welcome – and thank you! Glad you can ID the awesome goldfinch. And yes, she is a cute dog! Thanks for noticing.

    1. Aha. Une vague boisée. Vous avez une belle manière de voir. Merci. Printemps reste froid mais les fleurs venir tout de même. Les arbres venir dans la feuille et les abeilles buzz. Il est bon. Etes-vous faire bouqets?

    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to following your blog as I love the state of Minnesota, though I’m much more familiar with the southern portion of the state than the north.

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