April 24, 2014 – Bluebells and Company

Bluebells are pretty.???????????????????????????????Bluebells are cool.???????????????????????????????

Bluebells are everywhere!???????????????????????????????Yes, it is that season of the year.  I challenge you to walk through the valley without touching a Bluebell.???????????????????????????????Good ol’ Virginia Bluebell dominates the scene for a few days.

We do have other flowers, of course.  ???????????????????????????????Like Dutchmen’s Breeches, showing off their fine pantaloons.???????????????????????????????And Mayapple, striving to bloom under its own personal umbrella.???????????????????????????????But they have to compete with the Bluebells.  Here Mayapple and Bluebell compete for dominance on an east facing hillside.???????????????????????????????I’m putting my money on the Bluebells.  Here is the hillside on the opposite side of the valley.???????????????????????????????The common Dandelion doesn’t know what all the fuss is about.  Bluebells come.  Bluebells go.  (Rather quickly, really.)  Dandelions stick around for the long haul.  This is officially the first Dandelion spotted In Jim’s Garden this year.  Pretty, don’t you think?  Smells great too.  And so often the first flower a child presents to mother.  Let us pay our respects to the awesome Dandelion.???????????????????????????????

The Daffodils are having a good week, living outside the sphere of Bluebell influence, as they do.  We’re moving beyond the single trumpet yellow version….???????????????????????????????Through the wild, floppy white version…???????????????????????????????And straight into the fancy, fluffy cream version…???????????????????????????????With its colorful companion.DSC00847Up above, the Hackberry trees are the first to come into leaf.???????????????????????????????Down below, clandestine bug love is all the rage.???????????????????????????????But don’t let all that fool you.  Its really about the Bluebells this week.  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Before we go today, we must look back at the yellow daffodil.  Look closely at the photo below and you may note that the ends of some of the leaves are brown.  Yes.  Well, this particular specimen made the strategic blunder of poking its head out of the ground during a brief thaw in early January.  Bad call.  It remained above ground through the whole crazy winter scene of lots of snow and extreme cold.  A real trooper, it took the hit, persevered and bloomed nonetheless.  Here we are in late April and it is finally shedding its last bloom.  A great competitor, reminding us of why we love Spring! ???????????????????????????????Have a great Day!

6 thoughts on “April 24, 2014 – Bluebells and Company

    1. They really are pretty. I’m glad you saw and noticed. They were here when we came. They appear to be natural but I have to protect them from invasive mustard garlic. That said, the bluebells are super prolific, expanding their territory every year.

  1. Nice! You’ll have to come visit my blog for the latest on northern latitude flower and vegetable gardening – on a postage stamp of a yard no less! I’ll have to come back here to expand my mental images of what a garden can also be.

    1. Thanks. Me too. I’m thinking the bluebells must like themselves as well, given their stunning ability to propagate beyond their old boundaries. They would take over the yard if we let them. 🙂

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