February 6, 2014

CAUGHT!  Nibbling on the rhododendron bush….DSC01330

CAUGHT!  Knocking down the bird feeder….???????????????????????????????

He flees.  Check out the snow on that squirrel’s back!???????????????????????????????

He takes refuge on a branch, chewing on the loot….???????????????????????????????

Alarmed at the presence of a larger mammal, he chatters wildly and whips his tail to alert his friends…??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

CAUGHT!  Hanging around the bird feeder….???????????????????????????????

Oh, well OK.  We encourage that sort of thing.  In fact, we’ve been wondering, where are the goldfinches?  A hearty snowfall brings one out.???????????????????????????????

2 thoughts on “February 6, 2014

    1. Why, of course. It must surely make the venison more savory. Actually, we’ve never observed the deer to favor the rhododendron, but desperate times call for drastic action. They’ve been chewing on the apple tree all winter though they ate all the apples during the summer. Tracks indicate that they were back at the stump this morning munching on bird food again.

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