January 31, 2014

NUTHATCH  is back!


Never seen last winter.  Seen briefly earlier this week.  Positively hanging around on Thursday evening.  The Nuthatch is back!  This is like having your Best Friend Forever return after an unwelcome absence.

Check him out walking around the trunk of yonder tree:


Let’s take a closer look.  Please pardon the fuzzy pictures of the bird in the next few slides, but they are worth a peek, showing a limited example of the bird’s movements.  The nuthatch is the only bird in this garden who has ever been observed to walk up the trunk of a tree, turn around and walk back down it.  Up, down, sideways, the nuthatch walks where it pleases.  Woodpeckers stand against the tree vertically and hop from position to position.  Clunky.  The rest of the birds seem limited to flight and walking on the ground or across branches.  The nuthatch is free and versatile.  Up, down and around.

Here it is in a standard pose, upside down with its head pointed out from the trunk.

???????????????????????????????  It goes down, across, back up a little and strikes another common pose:



Not only is this old BFF a tricky walker, it is a very pretty bird:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Life can go on.  The nuthatch has returned.