Absorbing the Light

Hey my Dear, come see the sight! The Bluebells are here, catching the Light. One of the true Moments of Spring Much like you, it makes me sing. I stand and stare, I drink it in. I want to share, with Kith and Kin.   The blooms in show, so pretty and bright The leaves a-glow, absorbing the Light. Soon we will see the leaf … Continue reading Absorbing the Light

If I Were a Butterfly

Retro post alert! As Autumn barrels towards Winter and the flowers put on their final pre-frost display, I’m remembering my favorite moment of gardening this summer. Back when the Stump Garden looked like this: Sunday morning, June 28th, Firefox and I were in the garden when she – ever alert – notices a few new butterflies. Then a few more. Then a whole flock. Capturing … Continue reading If I Were a Butterfly

The Independence Day Dash – The Race

It’s finally time to race. The parties are over, the hype is blown out, and the betting windows are closing. The flowers are in the gate. CHACONG! They are off. We are underway here at the Independence Day Dash. Bee Balm establishes herself in the lead. Gloriosa Daisy is caught in the pack. C’mon Gloriosa. This is a DASH, dude! There is no time to … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – The Race

The Independence Day Dash – Traditions

Welcome back to the Independence Day Dash. Things are heating up here in the gardens. The fans have arrived and everyone is briefed on the security protocol. Now, before we start racing, we should check in on the fun. Here at the Independence Day Dash we love to celebrate traditions. You know how it is – events like this are always steeped in tradition. The … Continue reading The Independence Day Dash – Traditions