Sure-Fire Signs of Spring

When Winter is done and the fiery sun crosses to the Northern Hemisphere We seek out a reason to believe in the season, A Sure-Fire Sign that Spring is here. Bloodroot comes to light Blooming in white Nature’s own ressurection Then the spring beauty And this little cutie We’re headed in the right direction! The daffodils show Catching a glow The quintessential sign of Spring. … Continue reading Sure-Fire Signs of Spring

Dr. Spring and the Bluebells

The young man stumbles into the Doctor’s Office, groping for the back of a chair. He casts a desperate eye towards the Doctor. “Help me,” he groans, leaning against the chair. “Help me, please. I am going crazy.” Doctor Spring leaps to his feet. Ancient yet nimble, Doctor Spring tries to suppress a grin as he thinks to himself, “Great. Madness. My favorite ailment.” Doctor … Continue reading Dr. Spring and the Bluebells

Stone Bunny and Her Favorite Flower of the Year

Stone Bunny and the gang are out in the crisp, cold air as the sun rises on this, the last day of the year. It is quite chilly. They love this kind of morning. Bunny particularly loves the moment when the sun creeps onto her face and begins to warm her. Stone Puppy loves it too. Mary looks around at the gang and smiles. “This … Continue reading Stone Bunny and Her Favorite Flower of the Year

One For the Road

One for the road, please.  Delicious!  How about another?  Autumn is here.  The trees are changing.  I must be going.  It is time to fly south.  Time to fly to Mexico.   Perhaps just one more.  It is an exceedingly long flight, you know.  More than 2,000 miles in a straight line.  But whoever flies in a straight line?  Not me!  I bet I log 10,000 … Continue reading One For the Road