Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Jim’s Garden. Settled in for a snowy holiday, our family is together celebrating good health and good fortune with warmth and cheer.   A Christmas when all are healthy and well Now that’s the story I like to tell No death nor  dying No unhappy crying “Merry Christmas to all” in a good hearty yell.   The nutcracker crew sends its greetings … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Santa’s Workshop

Wow-wee, it sure is busy in Santa’s Workshop nowadays. Once we get past the Winter Solstice, Big Santa gets everybody going. List-Checker Santa is double checking. When he thinks of all those girls and boys who sent him letters, it makes him so glad. “Ho Ho Ho! I love checking the list!” Down in the loading zone, the Packer Santas are working up a sweat. … Continue reading Santa’s Workshop