The Gang’s All Here

It happens every year. A snap of cold weather  And the Gang’s All Here! Starring the ever-present, always hungry Squirrel  with his feathery friends, Tufted Titmouse  White Breasted Nuthatch  Downy Woodpecker  Lady Cardinal  Lord Cardinal Black Capped Chickadee  Blue Jay  Goldfinch  The Bully of the Bird Feeder, the Starling The winner of the “Damn He’s Handsome” Award, the Ladder-backed Woodpecker  Junco  Sparrow  and Purple Finch  … Continue reading The Gang’s All Here

June 15, 2014 – Stone Bunny and the Stump Garden

Stone Bunny has been hanging out on the stump lately.She’s been having a ball.  Just a BALL. She came over here several weeks ago when the oxeye daisies started blooming.She thought that was fun.  So she stuck around to watch the dianthus come on.She just loved the way they stood so tall and vibrant with so many pretty pastel colors.She couldn’t resist watching while the … Continue reading June 15, 2014 – Stone Bunny and the Stump Garden

The Prettiest Day of the Year

This is the story of a perfectly beautiful day. Tuesday morning, May 6, 2014, to be precise.  In west central Indiana, USA.  Near the 40th parallel of latitude.It was nice here Tuesday morning.  Really nice.  Gorgeous!  Oh, its been beautiful all week.   But Tuesday morning…..   mmmmmm.  Warm and sunny with a slight cool breeze. The trees coming into leaf before our very eyes. No finer … Continue reading The Prettiest Day of the Year

May 5, 2014 – Fruit Blossoms and Robin Eggs

A lovely spring weekend…Encourages the fruit blossoms to open and enjoy the weather. Apple Cherry Pear And Strawberry Meanwhile, this adorable robinAnd her friendly mateDecided to build a nest in our barn, where she sits, watching us come and go while she encourages her pretty eggs to produce pretty robins.  The little birds will hatch here, learn to fly here and grow strong here.  They … Continue reading May 5, 2014 – Fruit Blossoms and Robin Eggs