5 thoughts on “Summer Solstice, 2014

  1. I’ve been in Indiana during the summer. I experienced humidity. Your about me page answered a question I wanted to know — well two questions: Where in Indiana and how much land? I’ve always wanted acreage. I always wondered what I could do with it. I love yours.

    1. The acreage is fun. We have been associated with some pretty amazing pieces of land, but this is my favorite. Just big enough to provide variety but small enough to be intimate. We have transformed it considerably from the wild, overgrown, mostly shady place it was 15 years ago. The death of the giant poplar, while sad at the time, has proved to be a huge blessing for the gardens as the sun shines through now and the gardens thrive in the rich soil which had spent the previous one hundred years untouched under the grand old tree.

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