Stone Bunny and the Good Luck Garden

Stone Bunny has been thinking about luck lately.???????????????????????????????Good Luck.  Stone Bunny doesn’t dwell on things like Bad Luck.

“You know.” she says to her friends.  “I’ve been thinking about luck.  Maybe it’s just because I’m here with the clover and clover makes me think about luck.  Or maybe its because there are some lucky plants in the garden right now.  Did you guys notice them?”

A murmur of assent confirms that everyone noticed the lucky plants.

Stone Bunny loves talking about luck.

“Okay.”  she says.  “How about we all choose something lucky we’ve seen in the garden this week.  I’m sure there is plenty.  I’ll go first.  I choose the white bluebells.”WhiteBluebell“They must be lucky!” she continues.  “Any time we have a flower which is usually a certain color, but one specimen comes out pure white, that’s lucky.”???????????????????????????????“Yeah!” says Clay Pig.???????????????????????????????“It is lucky.  The woodland phlox did it too.  Most of the phlox is pale purple.”WoodPhlox_Lavender“But there is a stand of pure white phlox on the other side of the valley.  See it?”???????????????????????????????“I know.” confirms Stone Bunny.  “Its awesome.  Thanks Pig.  Gnome, what did you notice?”???????????????????????????????“Well,” says Gnome.  “Its pretty hard not to notice, but the buckeye tree is blooming.”???????????????????????????????“Oh how the humans prize the little buckeye nuts in the fall.  They say they are lucky.” Gnome continues.  “If the buckeye nut is lucky, then surely the bloom which produces it must be lucky.  And a whole tree full of blooms…”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Now we’re talking.” says Stone Bunny.  “Puppy, which do you choose?”

“Oh” says Puppy.  “Clover, for sure.  See this patch of clover?”

Cloverpatch“Henry and Anna each found a four-leaf clover in it.  Henry pressed his in a book right away.  It’s cool!”???????????????????????????????“But,” says Puppy with a note of concern in his voice.  “I’m just wondering.  Is it okay to be talking about luck with a black cat in our midst?”???????????????????????????????The others laugh.

“Don’t worry Puppy.” says Iron Turtle. ???????????????????????????????“Mr. Sasha may be a black cat, but he is hardly an omen of ill fate.  Why that old cat is one of the greatest story tellers alive.”

Puppy looks relieved.

Iron Turtle continues, “I’m with Puppy.  He chose the little clover and I choose the big clover.  We’ve never seen it with four leaves, but I’m always confident that it is good to have around, three leaves and all.”???????????????????????????????Bunny looks over at Stone Turtle and smiles.  “I know which one you like.  You always like the Wizard Flower.”???????????????????????????????“Oh yes.”  says Stone Turtle.StoneTurtle“Definitely my favorite.  Wizard Flower.  Some people call it Columbine.”???????????????????????????????“I call it perfect.  Just look at the perfect patterns of five.  Such balance and harmony, and blooming along with the other lucky plants.  I have always believed this flower to be a harbinger of good tidings.”???????????????????????????????Its Froggy’s turn.???????????????????????????????“Now, I don’t mean to be contrary…”

The others all burst out laughing.  Froggy almost always means to be contrary, but they can tell he is in a good mood today.

“And I know we are really into Flower Power around here.” croaks Frog.  “But I saw something really lucky in the garden the other day.  A toad resting by a violet.”???????????????????????????????“I challenge you to find the me the flower which, upon being kissed, might well turn into a prince!” finishes Frog with a smile.

“Oh great, Froggy.  Thank You!” says Mary.???????????????????????????????Mary smiles.  “This is wonderful. Everyone has a lucky charm today.  I am going to choose Betsy’s Butterfly.”???????????????????????????????Mary looks at her friends with an expression which says I am drawing upon the infinite power of the universe and says “Here is what we’re going to do.  I would like for each and everyone of us to allow ourselves to absorb all the good luck around us.  Pull it in.  Make it part of you.  Then, when Betsy comes out of the house in the morning, we will all send our good energy to her Butterfly and it will shimmer and shake with good luck.  It will vibrate the air around her and Betsy will have the benefit of our lucky garden.  She probably won’t even know what happened, but LUCK IS COMING HER WAY.”

Bunny is so happy.  She looks out from amidst the clover and beams at her friends.

“Oh.”  she says.  “I just love you all.”

14 thoughts on “Stone Bunny and the Good Luck Garden

  1. I am so glad this is a good luck day! Betsy could use it and so could the rest of us.

    1. Thanks. Its a beautiful tree with most remarkable blooms. In a later season the lucky little buckeye nuts will fall and the deer will eat almost everyone of them immediately. We must have lucky deer. Well fed, anyway. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I genuinely appreciate your visits and your input. Congratulations on the fine compliment you received on your book the other day. 🙂

    1. Great. We accomplished our goal. Thank you very much for reading. I’m glad you liked the story.

    1. Thank you! I like to make you smile. Your generous comment encourages me to keep trying. Thanks for reading!

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