April 15, 2014 – The Forest Floor

The forest floor comes alive.  ???????????????????????????????Ample rain and a few days of real warmth allows Bloodroot to play with friends.???????????????????????????????Trillium has come out to play.???????????????????????????????

DSC08437Along with Spring Beauty.???????????????????????????????And Dutchman’s Breeches.DSC09044 DSC09058Virginia Bluebell shows off her floppy little bloom.???????????????????????????????DSC08500A little fern uncurls itself on the forest floor.???????????????????????????????Solomon’s Seal uncurls as well.???????????????????????????????A few Wild Ginger leaves grace the woods.???????????????????????????????Purple has been blooming for a while now, but sticks around long enough for a chat with Bloodroot among the rocks.???????????????????????????????And a chat amidst the trees.???????????????????????????????Bloodroot is thrilled for all the company, though she remains the dominant bloom in the forest for now.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????DSC08505Her reign won’t last long.  Already, she begins to yield, shown here with her pretty little leaves strewn on the ground around her.DSC09051But Bloodroot is one of those plants who just gets better with age.  Here she shows that even when her bloom is gone, she is still beautiful, elegant and cool.DSC08906While we celebrate the blooming and passing of Bloodroot, we must shed a tear for the last Snowdrop, tucked in the shade of the rocks.  ???????????????????????????????Virginia Bluebell is about to become the dominant bloom in the woods.  Like any respectful youngster, she pays homage to her senior.  Here a vibrant Bluebell grows with a mature Snowdrop which has quite literally gone to seed.???????????????????????????????And one final picture of Bloodroot because – hey! – she’s earned it – shown here with some little pink Spring Beauties.???????????????????????????????

4 thoughts on “April 15, 2014 – The Forest Floor

    1. Yes, the pictures in this post were all taken Sunday and Monday, when Spring was behaving nicely. This morning we wake to a covering of icy snow – come on now Spring! That is not nice behaviour! I caught a few pictures of our little flower friends looking miserable in the morning light. Will share later. The woodland flowers will be fine. What concerns me though, is how the wildflower seeds will fare – we had about 10,000 germinate over the weekend. I guess they are either tough or dead. I took a risk sowing them last week. I might just get to sow more in their place next week. 🙂

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