February 21, 2014

The air warms and thunderstorms pass through, positively SHREDDING the lovely snowpack we have been enjoying for the previous month.  The good news is it feels like we’re moving towards Spring.  The better news is that, eliminating the snow so quickly, we have the chance to see a snapshot of how some of the garden plants were faring under the snow.

In this years Winter Olympic event of “I can thrive while buried under snow and subject to extreme cold” the GOLD MEDAL goes to the reigning, perennial champion……


Yes, friends and fans, Snowdrop does it again.  Not only does she survive while buried under all that snow, she is already blooming!  As the snow melts around her, she appears green, vital and has already produced the beginning of her blooms.  One must wonder how other plants maintain high spirits in this event, knowing they will face Snowdrop in the finals.

Here is Snowdrop approximately one hour earlier, proving that she does not wait until she sees daylight to bloom.  Such a competitor.  Here In Jim’s Garden we applaud such dedication, determination and damned impressive performance.  Congratulations to Snowdrop on her umpteenth Gold Medal.???????????????????????????????

Winning the Silver Medal this year is MOSS.   This fine patch of moss was found growing on rocks in the central valley.  Clearly out to make a name for itself this year, Moss reaches deep into its shallow roots and overcomes competition from the English Ivy growing across it.  Producing the energy to achieve a vibrant green, Moss ascends the podium to accept the Silver Medal.

























Pulling in at a respectable third place is the old warhorse DAMES ROCKET.  Long considered one of the toughest plants in the garden, Dames Rocket shows her stuff yet again this year.  She can never quite catch Snowdrop, as she remains weeks from blooming, but she is a tough competitor.  She comes up late in the fall and just sits there all through the winter.  Shrugging off snow and repeated cycles of air temperatures plummeting to 15 degrees below zero, Dame’s Rocket waits and watches.  She holds her color and form, exposing no weakness, appearing to have barely noticed the extreme winter conditions.  Dames Rocket graciously accepts her Bronze Medal, looking forward to an awesome blooming season.

Here she is, partially covered in slushy ice.


And here she is, poking through the snow.


Lets all give a hearty round of applause for this years Winter Olympic champions.