February 12, 2014

The Gang’s All Here.

Woodpecker, cardinal and chickadee dine together.Woodpecker, cardinal, chickadee

Nuthatch strikes a very nuthatch like pose.DSC05437

A couple of does look up from munching on fresh compost.???????????????????????????????

The rhododendron bush stands tall and frozen with a doe in the background.???????????????????????????????

The cardinal family chows down before calling it a day.???????????????????????????????

A hopeful sunset brings tidings of Spring.  We remain bound in a frozen world, but the sunset appears to advance inexorably northward, lingering a little later each evening.???????????????????????????????

And the woodpecker flies away in the light of that very sunset.  (Mind you, it did not fly into the sunset.  No, it just flitted up to land on the trunk of a tree, ready to come back for more goodies at the feeder.  But ol’ woodpecker’s wings do catch the rays of the setting sun nicely in this picture.)


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