January 18, 2014.

The winter weather continues. 15 degrees and snowy.

We have been having a bird party.

(Hint: click on the photos. They will load with more zoom and vivid detail.)

Friday evening, the cardinal family joins some friends for dinner.
A couple of the males argue at dinner.
Saturday afternoon, Mom and Pop cardinal join a few sparrows for lunch.
A rufous-sided towhee shows up.
A mourning dove.
No one will eat with the blue jay.
The blue jay leaves and the other birds return.
A bunch sparrows come in to eat.
The sparrows spook but the cardinal doesn’t.
OK. The cardinal spooks too.

One thought on “January 18, 2014.

  1. Great series of pics here. I miss seeing the winter cardinals, not many of them down here in Memphis. Or possibly they are here, but there are so many other birds who don’t leave for the winter that you don’t notice them. Either way, that Blue Jay’s mama should make him take a bath…looks like he’s the stinky kid at school.

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