Morning Breaks

Hello 2017.  So glad to see you. You are beautiful! Crisp and bright and full of hope. Hooray! Morning has broken – eternal, bright and fair. The grey and clouds and death of 2016 are behind us. Let’s move on to brighter skies. Loftier goals and a renewed sense of purpose. Happy New Year!  It is going to be a dandy.  🙂 Blue skies and … Continue reading Morning Breaks

Here and Now

Why garden?  Why seed, plant, mulch, water, and tend? Perhaps it is for the opportunity to enjoy momentary beauty.  The instantaneous scenes which we see in the here and now, enriched by our efforts to create beauty about our homes. After a summer of only only sharing my very best pictures, I share with you this evening you the here and now. Today.  Just Now! … Continue reading Here and Now

Bee Balm the Fuzzy Red Mint

A limerick: Bee Balm, the fuzzy red mint       Wafting her wonderful scent       She’s a mint we can tell       By her glorious smell       Though her stem gives an obvious hint.       Did you know that you can easily confirm that Bee Balm is a member of the mint family by checking her stem?  It is square.  She’s a mint. Bee Balm, also known as Bergamot, scientifically … Continue reading Bee Balm the Fuzzy Red Mint