Stone Bunny and the Lion Tamer

Stone Bunny has been laughing.  Stone Bunny has been laughing so much lately, her chest feels like a balloon filled full with fresh air. Every time she catches her breath, she looks at her buddies and they all start laughing again.  Part of what is so funny is these gourds.  They are hilarious.  They are the growingest,  blossomingest,  strivingest darn plants she has ever seen.  … Continue reading Stone Bunny and the Lion Tamer


Gnome, what are you doing in there?     Me? Oh, I’m enjoying myself. Enjoying myself immensely! I have the pleasure to be in Gourdtopia.  GOURDTOPIA? Whaddya talk? Gourdtopia? Yes. Gourdtopia.  It is a magical land behind Mary’s Garden, growing up against the playhouse.  Wow! That’s Cool! Has it always been there? Oh no. It has never been here. It is not an ancient place. It is … Continue reading Gourdtopia