Santa’s Workshop

Wow-wee, it sure is busy in Santa’s Workshop nowadays. Once we get past the Winter Solstice, Big Santa gets everybody going. List-Checker Santa is double checking. When he thinks of all those girls and boys who sent him letters, it makes him so glad. “Ho Ho Ho! I love checking the list!” Down in the loading zone, the Packer Santas are working up a sweat. … Continue reading Santa’s Workshop

If I Were a Butterfly

Retro post alert! As Autumn barrels towards Winter and the flowers put on their final pre-frost display, I’m remembering my favorite moment of gardening this summer. Back when the Stump Garden looked like this: Sunday morning, June 28th, Firefox and I were in the garden when she – ever alert – notices a few new butterflies. Then a few more. Then a whole flock. Capturing … Continue reading If I Were a Butterfly

The Dog Days Derby

Jenny looks at her friends with an expression of utter disbelief. “Oh My God!” She says. “I can’t believe I missed it.” “You missed it?” Asks her friend Julie, incredulously. “She missed it.” Deadpans Jane. Jenny looks from one face to the other and grimaces, the right side of her mouth curling, lending her a pained expression. “So.” She says, “I gotta know. Just tell … Continue reading The Dog Days Derby